Pioneering excellence in hydraulic and Industrial Conveyance Solutions

For decades, Dunlop Hiflex has stood as a beacon of reliability and innovation, earning its place as one of the market's most esteemed suppliers of hydraulic and industrial conveyance products and systems. Our commitment to excellence is driven by a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing hoses and couplings, catering to both high and low pressure applications. 

Global impact since 2005

Since becoming part of the Alfagomma Group in 2005, Dunlop Hiflex has amplified its global influence. Alfagomma Group, an international Italian company, stands as one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic and industrial hoses. This partnership has propelled us to new heights, reinforcing our commitment to quality and innovation.
Alfagomma is committed to continuous improvement through relentless engineering innovation. Thanks to its focus on product, process, and production-level enhancements enables, the change is swiftly adaptable to evolving international regulations, elevating performance, safety, and efficiency.
The company’s distinguishing feature is its ability to innovate, by investing in research and development of products and materials, and designing solutions that meet customer’s requirements, in compliance with international regulations.

Dunlop-Hiflex History

In 1888, Scottish veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop revolutionized transportation with his invention of the pneumatic tire. Inspired by his son's bumpy bicycle ride, Dunlop's innovation provided smoother and more comfortable journeys, shaping modern transportation.
John Dunlop's pioneering idea of air-filled rubber hoses spurred the industrial manufacturing of tires and hydraulic hoses. Indeed, Dunlop Hiflex is specialized in high and low-pressure hoses. Thanks to its manufacturing centers across Scandinavia and Estonia, it leads the development of top-quality hoses, ensuring excellent customer service through the Nordic and German countries extensive branch network.

Expertise in manufacturing

The heart of Dunlop Hiflex beats with the pulse of manufacturing expertise. Our extensive knowledge of hydraulic and industrial conveyance products empowers us to not only meet but exceed industry standards. We take pride in suggesting new solutions and continuous improvements that shape the future of the industry.